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9 ct Gold Fingernail
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These beautiful 9 ct Gold Fingernails have been developed and manufactured in New Zealand.  They add a touch of glamour to the hands, and accentuate your gold rings and bracelets.  Also great for hiding damaged fingernails.

The fingernails are made in 4 different sizes, so please measure your fingernails carefully to ensure you purchase the correct size.  

The gold fingernails are designed to be glued onto the existing nail.  ( My local nail technician uses glue that sets hard in seconds, and soaks the nail in acetone when I want to shift the nail.  This doesn't damage the gold nail.  But check with your favorite nail salon first).  


 SIZELength  Width at
Width at
 Small 17mm (11/16") 8mm (5/16") 9mm (3/8")
 Narrow 20mm (3/4") 11mm (7/16") 10mm (3/8")
 Medium 20mm (3/4") 12mm (1/2") 10mm (3/8")
 Wide 20mm (3/4") 15mm (5/8") 11mm (7/16")

SMALL - basically an almost straight fingernail designed for the pinky finger.

NARROW, MEDIUM and WIDE - tapering fingernails designed for different sized finger(nail)s.

WIDE - as pictured for the gold and diamond fingernail.

If you have any questions, please email me.
FNL002 9ct gold fingernail

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