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Merino PossumSilk Knitwear

Introducing PossumSilk, the first new natural fiber for 100 years!

PossumSilk is a unique new natural fiber blend of 50% ultra-fine merino lambswool, 40% luxurious possum fur, and 10% silk. The three fibers combine strength, light weight, and natural warmth to give you unsurpassed luxury and comfort in a garment.

New Zealand Merino Wool is amongst the best in the world. Superfine, super soft, fabulous against your skin. Wool draws moisture away from the body, keeping you warm ( even when wet), dry and odourless. Wool acts as an insulator, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is a naturally elastic fiber that bounces back when stretched.

Possum fur has a unique hollow structure which makes it incredibly lightweight, coupled with unequalled warmth and high resistance to pilling.

Most worldwide conservation groups support the eradication of the Possum, as it is an alien species threatening a number of native species. The Brushtail Possum was introduced into New Zealand in the 1800s, and unfortunately has wreaked havoc, killing or eating our native forest, birds, and insects. In particular it is a major threat to the survival of our Kiwi bird, which is facing extinction.

Possum fur is considered to be the world's only environmentally friendly fur. Your purchase of a Merino PossumSilk garment will give you years of pleasure, coupled with the knowledge that you are helping to protect New Zealand's ecosystem.

possum and sheep

The Merino PossumSilk range includes:

Womens vests
Womens sweaters
Womens jackets
Womens cardigans
Shawls and capes
Gloves, hats, and scarves
Throws, cushion covers and knee rugs
Mens jackets
Mens sweaters and vests

Merino PossumSilk Products

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