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Diplomatic Immunity DVD - starring Craig Parker
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Diplomatic Immunity DVD
Series One - 13 x 1/2 hours episodes
Starring Craig Parker

Rated M ( suitable for mature audiences 16 years and over)
PAL Region 4, 2 x DVD, running time approx 301 mins

Diploamtic Immunity is a comedic series about the well-intentioned but morally bankrupt staff of the consulate of Fe'ausi - the tiniest nation in the South Pacific - and the fallen NZ Foreign Affairs diplomat who has been sent to pull the wayward Fe'ausians into line.

Starring: Dave Fane (bro'Town, Siones Wedding, Outrageous Fortune, Naked Samoans) as Jonah, the Fe'ausian Ambassador to New Zealand who is charming and effusive but who will do whatever is necessary to get the outcome he desires, along with Craig Parker ( Shortland Street, Mercy Peak, Lord of the Rings) as Leighton Mills, the Kiwi diplomat who finds himself landed with a new posting - as babysitter to the Fe'ausian consulate staff.


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