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Full size Maori Greenstone Pounamu Mere Club
Our Price: From US$645.00

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Click image to enlarge TIK019
This Full size Greenstone Pounamu Mere Club is made from New Zealand Jade (Pounamu) originating from the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

It is a full size mere club, measuring approximately 13 - 13 1/2" (33 - 34cm) from end to end, and weighing approximately 2.2lb (1 kg).  Occasionally we can get a larger greenstone mere - email us if that is what you would prefer.  Please note that they are only occasionally available, as those very large pieces of greenstone are very hard to come by these days.

The mere was used as a thrusting club, particularly to attack the victim's temple or under his ribs.  The pounamu ( greenstone) mere has always been highly prized, possibly because of its scarcity and the amount of work required to make it.  It was usually only carried by chiefs, and was a highly prized ceremonial piece.
NB: As greenstone can vary in colour, the color of the one you receive may vary from what you see in the photo.  Regardless, it will still be a magnificent piece.  On request, we are happy to email you a photo of the one we have in stock.

Please also note that we strongly recommend you have the mere shipped overseas by Economy Courier or Express Courier.  If you choose Airmail or Tracked Airmail, the mere is not insurable as its value is over the maximum of NZ$250.

The Greenstone Mere can also be purchased with a stand, as seen below. Once you have purchased the mere, click here to go to the page where you can purchase a stand.


Greenstone Mere with small stand:
TIK019 Greenstone Mere Small Stand
Greenstone Mere on XL Stand:
TIK019 Greenstone Mere on New Stand 
47 cm Greenstone Mere on XL Stand:
TIK019 XL Mere on XL Stand 
NB: Everyone who buys one of these full size meres is thrilled with their purchase, the mere look and feel absolutely fabulous.  But please note, these large pieces of pounamu are getting harder and harder to obtain, and just about every time I order them in, the price has gone up.  So don't dither too long over your purchase, as the price may go up in the meantime.
Please remember that this mere is an ornamental piece and it is made of stone.  Drop it and it may crack or break - that is the nature of worked stone.  We do not take any responsibility for mis-use such as dropping it or hanging it from the wrist cord.  It is made for holding in your hand or putting on the stand.

Here's what one customer said about his purchase:
"Thankyou - I received my mere today and I just thought I would email you and tell you that it is a beautiful piece and WOW it is a work of art and quite stunning and the pictures don't do it justice".
Mark H, San Diego, USA, 20 April 2008

And another:
"...I am getting back into the swing of typical daily life and wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the mere that you selected.  My husband was so surprised and overwhelmed by the gift - and how could he not have been, for it is just beautiful.  Thanks again also for the excellent
service that you provided - it made the whole process much less stressful than it could have been, given my history with such purchases".
Karen U, Australia, 12 Feb 2010

Click below to view a video of our full-size greenstone mere against a smaller mere, suitable for hanging on the wall:

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