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Kiwi Clip-on Keychains (3 designs)
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The Kiwi Clip-on Keychains will attach to a backpack, rope, etc, or use them as a regular keychain.  Clipping them onto something should make them easier to find when you need them. 

Cute keyring, great kids toy, or use the Kiwi Clip-on at a Kiwi function to hold placecards or photos.

Choose from:

  • Kiwi with flag (Kiwi New Zealand Jacket)
  • Kiwi with heart (I Love NZ Jacket)
  • Kiwi with rugby ball (Rugby New Zealand Jacket)

Purchase them singly, or in packs of 10, or in quantities of 100, by clicking in the "Please Select" box above.

A portion of the purchase price of the Kiwi Clip-on will be donated to the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre to assist in the rearing of Kiwis and the treatment of injured Kiwis.  So thank you for helping to Save the Kiwi!

PRK016-F  Clip-on Kiwi keychain with flag


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