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Maori Brown Koru Bone Peace Necklace
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The Maori Koru design in this Brown Koru Bone Necklace is representative of the unfurling of new life, just as the New Zealand fern fronds unfurl as they grow.  Note the fabulous binding of the string cord to the pendant.

Maori designs all come with a spiritual meaning.  In the case of the Koru, it is said to represent peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening.  A delightful piece to give to a child, or to a friend going through positive change in their lives.  Or reward yourself with this beautiful piece.

The Brown Bone Open Koru pendant is on a plaited string cord of about 26" (66cm) length.  A bone toggle allows you to adjust that length to suit.

The Brown Koru Necklace itself measures approximately 1 1/8" (28mm) in length.  It is a bold piece, sure to bring many admiring comments.

The Dark Brown Bone Open Koru Pendant comes to you on a descriptive card, so you can remember its spiritual meaning.

Linda Smith wearing BNPK02
Here's gorgeous Linda Smith, Les Mills BodyCombat instructor from WA, USA, wearing her Black Bone Koru Necklace.  She said "I wear my black Koru necklace when I teach because I feel like it gives me strength and the meaning of it, “Personal Growth” and “Positive Change”…..that was perfect for me!"
(Note: the dye colour was changed to Dark Brown from July 2012 and the pendant decreased in size).


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