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Authentic Maori Flax Piupiu Skirt
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Maori Flax Piupiu Skirt

This authentic Maori Piupiu, or dance kilt, is made in the traditional way. It is worn by both men and women ( and children) for kapa haka, special occasions, etc.   I'm very excited to be able to offer them to you, as authentic piupiu are very hard to come by.  The work involved in making them is long and complex, so I am very grateful to the people who have made these available to you.

Piupiu are traditionally made from flax, although native grasses can also be used.  (The ones on offer to you are made from flax).  A sharp shell is used to cut and strip the flax leaf, to soften it and to carve out the areas which will be blackened.  When the flax is immersed for a day in a pool of stagnant mud ( which contains iron oxide), the carved out sections turn black.  The flax is washed and left to dry in the sun.  As the flax dries, it curls into a cylinder.    The leaves are fastened to a plaited top, either before or after drying.

Piupiu are worn as part of the Maori dance costume, nowadays usually worn over a black skirt ( women) or black shorts (men).  The skirt wraps around and the ends of the plaited section are tied.  

The piupiu are made-to-order, which takes 2-4 weeks and we make the piupiu to the waist measurement you require ( please enter your waist size in the Options box above).  Length usually around 20" for females, and 16" for males. If you want a more complex pattern than that shown, the cost will be higher, but it is possible to do.  The piupiu are made by one of the top New Zealand piupiu makers.  Rest assured, your piupiu will be Maori made, authentic, and top quality.

Wear your piupiu with pride, or hang it on the wall as a marvellous, authentic piece of Maori art.
Comment from customer: The piupiu arrived the next day and I'm really pleased with the order.  Many thanks.  I hope to place more orders this year.  (Carol C, NZ) 
FR008b - Maori Piupiu Skirt
 FR008 and korowai Faith
Australian customer Faith wearing the piupiu and
korowai we made for her.

From: fayeSunday, 10/Apr/2016 18:24
wow you look very nice with that on you did you make it and I really like it on you

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