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NZ Greenstone Carved Maori Hook Pendant
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This beautiful New Zealand Greenstone Fish Hook Pendant measures approximately 1 7/8" (5 cm) long.  It has Maori Korus notched from its edges and Maori designs carved along two edges.

The Fish Hook (hei matau) is an important symbol in Maori mythology.  The god Maui fished up New Zealand, with the North Island representing the fish and the South Island being his canoe.

It is also a very practical symbol of Maori culture, as seafood ( " Kai moana") is an important part of the Maori diet.

The Maori Fish Hook design also carries a spiritual meaning.  The hook represents good health, abundance, strength, determination, and is believed to bring peace and prosperity.  And the hook is a good luck charm for catching positive energy and providing safe journey over water.

The greenstone used in this pendant is genuine New Zealand pounamu greenstone, from the South Island of New Zealand, and it is carved right here in New Zealand.


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