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New Zealand Maori Tiki Silicon Ice Cube Tray
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This New Zealand Maori Tiki silicon ice cube tray can be used for making Tiki ice cubes or confectionery. 

It's lots of fun to have Tiki ice cubes for parties, or Tiki shaped butter pats at a luncheon, or Tiki shaped chocolates or gummy candy.

Ice Iconz ice trays are made of food grade silicon rubber, are food safe, dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures from -50 to 250 degrees Celsius.

Here's a recipe for Gummy Candy:

75g (3 oz) plain gelatine
2 cups fruit juice  (berry flavoured is great)
1 cup sugar

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan.  Mix well.  Heat on medium until the mixture turns from cloudy to clear.  Lightly grease your Tiki ice cube tray moulds with oil or non-stick spray.  Pour the hot mixture into your moulds, or use a turkey baster to squirt the mixture into the moulds.  Leave to set on your kitchen bench, or put in the freezer for 5-10 mins to solidify.  Carefully pop out your Maori Tikis!  If you want sour gummy candy, roll the candy in a combination of 1 tsp citric acid (you'll find this in the supermarket baking aisle near the baking soda) and 1/2 cup castor sugar. 

NB: Some fruit juices are not suitable for setting - avoid kiwifruit, mango and pineapple juices.

DRK072 - NZ Maori Tiki Ice Cube Tray


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