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TrueGrip New Zealand Possum Leather Golf Gloves
- also great for indoor bowls!
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Sorry, only right hand gloves lefts, suitable for people who are left-handed.

The Truegrip New Zealand Possum Leather Golf Glove is one of our most amazing products.  And it's all because they are made from the wicked possum that eats our kiwi birds and native trees. 

The possum may be a major environmental pest in New Zealand, but it also has the softest, finest leather you've probably ever seen.  But despite being soft,thin and pliable, it is also very tough and durable.  Just what you need in a golf glove (or an indoor bowls glove).

Truegrip Golf Gloves really do fit like a glove, like a second skin.  They also give you a tight grip on your club or indoor bowls ball, preventing slippage.

Natural possum leather Golf Gloves stay supple, flexible, and breathable, even when wet.  Even after getting completely wet, the possum leather dries soft.

Truegrip Possum Leather Golf Gloves feature breathing holes top and bottom of fingers.  A wide Velcro strip provides firm closure.  Elastication through the top of the palm and the wrist gives a close, comfortable fit.  And they come with a handy New Zealand Paua shell (or pearl shell) ball marker.

Sizes: Mens Left or Right - Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL
            Womens Left or Right - Small, Medium, Large

Not sure of size?  Here's the length of the middle finger for each size:

Mens Medium - 3 1/2", total length from top of middle finger to wrist 8 3/8"
Mens Medium/Large - 3 3/4", total length 8 1/2"
Mens Large - 3 3/4", total length 8 7/8"
Mens XL - 4 1/8", total length 9 1/8"
Womens Small - 3 1/8", total length 7 3/4"
Womens Medium - 3 1/2", total length 8"
Womens Large - 3 3/4", total length 8 1/2"

We'll happily exchange sizes too.

Still not sure?  Read REAL testimonials about the Truegrip Possum Leather Golf Glove from REAL golfers by clicking here.

And here is a 2012 testimonial from a New Zealand indoor bowls enthusiast:

Hi Lesley, I have been using your possum gloves and I find them ideal for providing both grip and feel for bowling in an indoors facility in humid conditions.  I tried 2 types of synthetic gloves that the All Blacks use for wet weather conditions but found them useless for holding a 1.5kg bowl.  Thank you very much.
Bob Boreham, Hamilton, NZ, 12 May 2012.

And thankyou for assisting us to eradicate the possum, through the purchase of these Truegrip possum leather golf gloves.

The Australian Brushtail Possum was introduced into New Zealand in the early 1800s.  It bred prolifically and now chews through tonnes of New Zealand native vegetation every night, as well as killing our native Kiwi bird and its eggs.  We have to eradicate the possum to save our native species from extinction.

Cleaning instructions:  Put glove on hand, sponge dirt with a warm, wet sponge.  Rinse well.  Squeeze out water and dry flat, away from direct heat.

And finally, remember your purchase is backed by our 365-day guarantee of quality.

(NB: You may receive these gloves under the Gripper or Filo brand, with a pearl shell ball marker.  Don't worry, they are the same glove, the same quality and still made with the beautiful, supple possum leather). 

TRG01 - Possum Golf Gloves underside

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