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Handmade New Zealand Maori Feathered Cloak (Korowai)
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It is a great privilege to be able to offer you adult size contemporary Maori feathered cloaks. 

The Maori name for Maori feathered cloaks is "kahu huruhuru" but most people use the word "korowai" to describe Maori feathered cloaks, so that is what we will use here.

In pre-European times, cloaks were mostly made from flax fibre (muka), which had been washed, bleached and then softened.  The fibres would then be rolled together into a long yarn, and then hand woven between two pegs driven into the ground.

In the late 19th century, bird feathers began to be woven into the flax backing, until eventually cloaks were made that were completely covered with feathers.  The most prized feathers were from the huia and kiwi, especially the rare white albino kiwi. 

Sometimes the cloak would be fringed with taniko weaving, or white kiwi feathers.  More colourful cloaks were made from the feathers of the wood pigeon ( white feathers from the breast, green from the back), kaka or native parrot ( red feathers), and tui (blue-black feathers).

Of the few old cloaks that still remain, most are housed in museums.  Those in private hands are highly valuable - in 2006 a kiwi feathered cloak sold for over $120,000 at auction in New Zealand.

Now you can purchase a contemporary korowai Feathered Cloak!

Korowai created by the Ngati Koata Maori iwi ( tribe) are made from feathers that have been previously treated ( fumigated) by New Zealand Customs.  They are not made from the feathers of endangered birds so can be imported into other countries.  Each cloak comes with a fumigation certificate from the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, allowing its transportation between New Zealand and overseas countries.

Koata korowai feathered cloaks have been shipped to Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada, Chile, Angola and Costa Rica, without any known incidents at Customs.

While korowai still take a considerable time to create, the process is significantly faster than traditional methods.  The most popular natural ( brown) cloaks are usually ready to despatch ex-stock.  Specially made cloaks may take 4-5 weeks to manufacture. 

Koata use sewing machines to double and triple-stitch each row of feathers onto the korowai backing.  The korowai are fully lined, professionally finished and robustly constructed.

Koata can custom make korowai to suit your needs, for instance a completely white korowai for a wedding, or designing a korowai in specific colours.

Each korowai is lovingly made and every care is taken to ensure the korowai will last as a family heirloom or treasure. 

Wonderful to wear at a wedding, special function, corporate gift, for baby christening or 1st birthday, coming-of-age, or keep it as a unique and beautiful piece of Maori art.

Detailed care instructions come with the Korowai.

Keep as a future heirloom, wear this stunning piece of art, or give as a magnificent gift.

Sizes available:

Small adult - approx 100 x 105 cm (39 3/4" x 41 1/4")
Pakeke ( Adult) - approx 105 x 110 cm (41 1/4" x 43 1/4")

Click here to choose your feather colour(s).

SPECIAL NOTE RE SHIPPING: We recommend the option of International Courier shipping for all overseas orders of these valuable cloaks, and insist on it for all sizes Child and larger.

KNZ01b - red feathered maori cloak korowai

Korowai in Color 15 Red

KNZ01 - Elton John feathered maori korowai cloak







( Sir Elton John was given a feathered korowai cloak at a New Zealand
in December 2007)

KNZ01 - Korowai Brown white trim 
Above, Korowai made from Feathers Colour # 2.
KNZ01 Top of cloak
Top edge of cloak above.

KNZ01 - Korowai brown with black

KNZ01 - brown korowai, white edges top and bottom


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